We believe your business needs should drive every technology decision you make. And as IT experts with a long history of working in creative environments, we're uniquely equipped to help you use technology to meet and exceed your business goals.
Here at Focus we've earned our stripes at creative companies, so we know that IT is the X factor in creative success--the thing you need to keep your projects on budget and on time and keep your valuable files safe.
Our philosophy is simple: We deliver human-centric tech support for creative companies, building long-term partnerships with our clients and helping them grow to their full potential. Every company is unique and we put the People first (capital P intended) so that every solution is a perfect fit for both the goals of the company and the people that use it.
Some people call it a client list. We call it a bunch of great companies that never experience server outages, lost files, or out-of-date software
If you're interested in seeing what we can do for you, awesome! We're ready to answer questions about our pricing, services, and approach -- or just sit down, talk, and see if we're a good fit. Culture is often described as a shared way of doing something with a passion, and that means a lot to us. Give us a call at: 212-634-7200.

Let’s face it: John from accounting isn’t the person who should be trying to figure out why InDesign keeps crashing or why Melissa’s computer won’t print. Instead, rely on our team of seasoned technicians, available by phone, email, or on site to give you a hand the moment you need it. Moreover, we’re a great compliment to existing IT staff, allowing them to focus on strategy and architecture while we resolve day-to-day issues.

We provide managed IT services, which is basically like having your own IT department, but much cheaper. For a flat fee that’s tailored to your company’s size and needs, we provide everything from day-to-day help-desk support to managed antivirus, network security, server monitoring and backup.

For your team, it’s simplified, set-it-and-forget-it IT. And for us, it’s a chance to do what we love: actively seeking out and fixing computer issues to keep your business running smoothly.

Your network needs to be fast, secure, and reliable. Focus can make sure your system is up to date and safe by monitoring all day every day, preempting potential problems, and growing along with your company’s needs. The bottom line is this: You spent a lot on your infrastructure, and it should run at its best.

So, you want to see exactly where your IT budget’s going, find out who has which software license, or add a new employee to your system? We’ve built an application for you to do just that. It allows you to track who is using what asset and how old or new it is. So, you are always up to date—and not pouring money into redundant upgrades.

What’s the best way to track timesheets? How do you develop a video editing workflow, or set up cloud-based storage? How are industry leading companies using technology to work faster, smarter, and more efficiently? We’ll show you what our experience has shown us—and build a plan to implement it.

Don’t need an ongoing service? No problem. Our team routinely leads a-la-carte projects like server rollouts, wireless upgrades, IT audits, and the technical side of office moves. We also can monitor your systems for an agreed-upon period just to provide your team with extra insurance during busy months. No matter where your needs may be, we’d love to talk about what we can do to help you deliver your best work on time and on budget.

Andrew Piper

Remember when Apple computers first became a thing and only a select few IT guys really knew Macs? Andrew remembers those days. He was one of those IT guys—and still is.

Andrew started working in IT in 1997 at the UCSF biophysics department. Soon after, he began consulting for creative companies specializing in advertising, graphic design, film, and photography. After spending 20 years in the industry, earning certifications in Cisco, Microsoft, and Apple computers, and serving as a partner at Digital Healer, Andrew founded Focus.

Outside of the office, Andrew is a member of the Brooklyn Zen Center, a musician, and an avid record collector. If you see him digging through record bins in Williamsburg, say hi and tell him what you love to listen to.

Joshua Case

Joshua is our resident systems engineer and longtime Unix fanatic. He started working for Apple in Austin, Texas, when he wasn’t doing sound at local clubs. In his spare time, he builds synthesizers—and is often wielding a soldering iron and dreaming of black glass germanium transistors. Of course, he tempers this with minimalist poetry, but we encourage you to ask him about that yourself

Matthew Kane

Matthew is our field tech and repair guru. With one hand tied behind his back he can replace an iMac motherboard while configuring a Cisco Meraki firewall. (No, really!) A one-time professional recording engineer and accomplished musician in his own right, Matthew continues our office-wide passion for sound and creativity by playing in several local bands. When he’s not hard at work or play, he loves to relax with a good science fiction novel.

Quang Trinh

Quang is our master of all trades, a photographer by nature turned technician by trade. He holds an uncanny ability to setup color workflows so your screen looks exactly like your printouts. Quang doesn’t play music, but his camera skills more than make up for it.

Michael Day

Michael is our senior help desk engineer. He knows the ins and outs of every operating system and is our resident genius when it comes to mobile devices. He was born and raised in NYC and is able to deal with any emergency you throw at him. Always quick on his feet, Michael rounds out our exceptional support team.

Craig Spitzer

Craig Spitzer joins Focus as adjunct faculty. Craig is a founding partner of Cobblestone Digital, a leader in database-driven web applications, award-winning designs, mobile applications, social platforms and initiatives, and SEO and brand marketing campaigns.

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